Ground Handling Supervision

GSA Global Cargo LLC can offer ground handling services with special equipment and the infrastructure to handle special cargo including perishables, pharmaceuticals, live animals, dangerous goods, oversize and overweight pieces.

Task force to handle and supervise safety in the ground

Our team of air cargo industry experts are proficient in handling operation of various type of cargo services.

  • Our extensive knowledge of perishable cargo care & DG cargo safety gives edge over competition.
  • Close communication with airlines for flight operations.

Coordination of handling operations

In co-operation with our portfolio of carriers, we deliver exceptional service to the market place, through planning and time expediency.

  • We ensure all our personnel receive the relevant training and licenses to perform safety and security functions.
  • Forwarder satisfaction, a sound basis for further sales.

Optimized all-inclusive handling costs, safeguarding yield

Our dedicated teams of professionals who co-ordinate handling operations for cargo flights, with state-of-the-art IT systems, and with real-time communication of data & tracking of operations.

  • High-quality service, carried out by our team according to each airlines requirements and in accordance with IATA rules.
  • Practice good storage conditions, adhere to safe and efficient practices.
  • Our pro-active solutions derive cost benefit to all parties.

Implementation of strict security of cargo (CCT & X-Ray system)

Stricter security regulations for air freight have been in effect for a number of years. Today, air freight cargo must always go through special controls at the airport. We at GSA assist in scanning inspection for break-bulk, pallets and ULDs, screen cargo ranging from containers of all sort of perishable to electronic items.

  • Strict security based on the implementation of X-Ray systems.
  • We generate awareness to Customers on the benefits of cargo scanning.
  • Our staff is well trained on international & national objectives of aviation security and regulations.

ULD Management

Our ULD management and supply solution allow customers to reduce costs, increase operational benefits and focus on their core business. We do this by providing tailor-made solutions to meet specific needs of customers business and enhance their operations.

  • Ensuring maintenance activity related to equipment done effectively and releasing of equipment’s to the operation on time.
  • To ensure the safety and security of all cargo that is accepted and loaded to the aircraft.
  • ULD management at station.




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