TCS Worldwide

GSA Global has been appointed as GSA for Time Critical Solutions Worldwide network in Dubai.

As a neutral provider Time Critical SolutionsWorldwide only offers time-critical solutions to freight forwarders as they already have a large and established customer base in industries like Automotive, Aerospace, Aviation, Energy, Health Care, Pharma and Maritime.

TCS primarily offers a worldwide on-board courier network, from any pick-up location to any delivery address in the world.

In principle we accept carry-on baggage, checked-in, excess baggage, DGR and temperature controlled complying with airlines guidelines and IATA regulations.

We provide small charters as an alternative in case our OBC service does not meet the required deadlines of delivery.

If the shipment is f.e. too large/heavy to carry as passenger luggage or due to other airline restrictions, we can also offer a charter solution.

Intra Europe we can also offer tailormade direct drives with vans or small trucks.

Same communication levels as is the case with an OBC: we continuously keep you updated on each and every milestones of your consignment, from pick up to final delivery.

Our 24/7 OPS Desk team is fully dedicated to deliver high priority consignments in the fastest and safest way.

Any OBC request will be quoted in 15 to max 30 minutes, at the same time we already have one of our highly qualified on board couriers on stand-by.

Just a few minutes after confirmation our courier is already on the way to the pick-up address.

TCS couriers communicate 24/7/365 with our OPS Desk.

Our courier, who takes care of the transport, will share his location and each milestones from pick up to final delivery.

On request each courier takes pictures of the contents and documents which are transported.

Just a quick overview of our features:

  • Freight forwarders are our customers
  • Worldwide network of on-board couriers
  • From any pick address to any delivery location in the world
  • 7 days a week year round, even in the middle of the night
  • Flexible choice of carrier
  • Worldwide assistance with customs clearance facilities

Please send your OBC request to our 24/7 TCS Operations desk:


Telephone number during office hours: +971 4 221 5664

Telephone number after office hours: +31 20 247 9999 (24/7 OBC Desk)

For more information on TCS Worldwide, please visit